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Bokwa – A new Trend of Exercises


Have you heard of Bokwa? It is a new trend for a completely different approach to group exercise which is spreading across the globe virally. This workout routine consists of participants drawing letters and numbers with their feet while performing interesting cardio routines. The workout occurs with today’s most popular music in the background. There are several steps in Bokwa like L, 3, J, K among dozens of others.

The advantage of Bokwa is that its steps are based on forms of letters and numbers so it does not require the person to count steps like in traditional dance fitness programs. The idea behind Bokwa is that the person should feel the music and move accordingly. The person is supposed to share the energy and excitement of the dance.

Bokwa does not even require extreme choreography techniques. Once you remember the step, you can do it without any supervision from instructors. It is that easy. Bokwa uses global music which is popular at present to attract attention and increase the energy levels of people. What makes Bokwa such an instant hit is that anyone can do it and benefit from it. From 4 year old kids to 75 year old men and women, from world champion dancers to beginners, anyone can take part in it and benefit from it.

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