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Benefits of Tisane Tea

Tisane Tea

Have you heard of Tisane tea? The simple definition of Tisane tea would be tea made of something other than tea leaves. This includes herbal, floral and fruit teas. These tisane teas are generally chosen for their flavors or to avoid the caffeine that is present in regular tea leaves. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of tisane tea.

The first benefit is the lack of caffeine. True tea consists of caffeine whereas tisane teas do not. This is very helpful for people with caffeine sensitivity. Most of the herbal and fruit teas do not have caffeine although some might.

Tisane teas are often consumed for their medicinal properties. Different tisane teas have different medicinal properties. For example tea made with dandelion is an effective diuretic and kava tea helps in the reduction of stress. An herbal specialist can suggest you with the right tea based on your requirement.

Tisane teas offer a wide range of flavors for regular tea drinkers. People who love tea can experience various tastes from bitter to earthy in tisane teas. Fruit teas offer the taste of fruit in teas which can be a pleasant experience. They also have the health benefits of those fruits. Tisane teas can also be mixed with other tisane teas to create unique flavors.

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