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Benefits of eating in metal utensils

Benefits of eating in metal utensils

Have you ever wondered why your grandparents prefer to eat in silver plates carved with a golden flower? Are you aware of health benefits of drinking water in copper vessels?

Do you know about the benefits of eating in metal utensils as per Ayurveda?

Ayurveda says that there are three doshas in your body kapha, pitta and vata which are affected by the utensils you for your eating.

These doshas are important and must be balanced for your health. If they are properly balanced, your health gets affected adversely.

Here are the amazing health benefits of eating in various metal utensils:


Gold is one of the most precious metals which promotes health in many ways. However, several people cannot afford to use these utensils due to their expensive price. Wearing gold ornaments is also believed to improve your health. Using gold utensils for eating balances the three doshas mentioned by the Ayurveda, strengthens body and improves eyesight.


It is quite common to use silver utensils like plates, glasses etc. in India. Silver utensils are well-known for their antimicrobial properties. If you use silver utensils for storage, they will keep the contents fresh for a longer time. Eating in silver utensils boosts immunity and improves skin health.


Copper utensils are widely used to keep drinking water. Copper contains antimicrobial properties. Consuming food in copper vessels improves the digestion, cleanses blood, stimulates brain and fights cancer by providing antioxidants.


Brass consists of 70 % copper and 30 % zinc. Cooking in brassware helps retain the nutritional value of your food. Brassware boosts immunity, fights against respiratory diseases and keeps away from the vata-related diseases like chronic pain.


Bronze vessels were widely used for cooking in olden days. However, certain precautions should be taken while cooking in these vessels, otherwise, they affect your health adversely due to their lead and arsenic elements. Don’t consume sour foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits etc. in them. Also avoid storing food for a long time in these vessels. Bronze triggers appetite and sharpens memory.

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