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Avoid these foods to prevent stomach bloating

Ice cream

Stomach bloating is a common condition. Some people are more prone to this than the others.

Stomach bloating can cause severe inconvenience to the people that suffer with it.

When excess gas is accumulated in the stomach it can lead to bloating especially when you eat heavily on festivals and special days.

Sometimes, excess sodium is taken without knowing which leads to retention of more water in the body. As a result, stomach upsets and causes inconvenience. If food is partially digested, then one may have suffered from stomach bloating.

There are certain foods which can increase the bloating. Know these foods so that you can prevent stomach bloating from the next time.

Excess intake of salt leads to retention of water in the body due to sodium. As a result, they swell up. Not just that, kidneys do not efficiently filter and eliminate it from the bloodstream which eventually leads to bloating.

Vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower can cause gas and bloating. They consist of fructose. Your stomach cannot break down it completely. As a result, you feel the bloating in your stomach.

Dairy products are not good for some people who have lactose intolerance, so they cannot digest them completely. As a result, gas is formed which results in stomach bloating. So avoid the intake of dairy products. You have to avoid even ice cream.

Alcohol leads to dehydration, as a result body retains more water which makes you feel bloated. You have to avoid artificial sweeteners also due to their complex sugars.


Avoid these foods to prevent stomach bloating

Carbonated drinks have high carbon content which react badly with the acids in the stomach. It leads to stomach bloating. Hence, avoid carbonated drinks.

Avoid fried foods due to their high fat and sodium content. Popcorn should also be avoided.

Legumes can also cause stomach bloating in most people due to their oligosaccharides. Hence, avoid intake of excess legumes.

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