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Tips for making mobile payments

Tips for making mobile payments

Many people prefer shopping online as it cuts down queues and the need to carry cash. In the present day, shopping has gone past online and mobile shopping is the new trend. There are many e-commerce websites which support and even encourage the usage of mobile apps for purchasing online. You can even find discounts and offers for using the mobile app. Here are some tips you should keep in mind while making mobile payments.

Do not use the same password for everything

This is a very common mistake done by many people. Using the same password for all accounts makes it easy for hackers to guess your passwords. Use different passwords for different websites to prevent unauthorized usage.

Have a transaction limit

If you have an e-wallet that you use for buying with mobile, then try to limit the money you keep in it. It is also advised to set a limit on the transactions.

Download the right app

There are many fake apps in the market. Make sure you have downloaded the right app before giving your payment details to it. Always check the app ratings and reviews before downloading it. Avoid third party services.

Use secure internet connections

Avoid using public connections and public Wi-Fi to make your internet transactions. You never when you could be attacked in public networks.

Use secure bank transactions

When you are banking via mobile make sure that the site is using HTTPS and not HTTP. This is a secure channel meaning that the data transferred between two systems is safe.

Change MPIN

Always remember to keep changing the MPIN or the security password used for accessing mobile banking every once in a while. The MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number) is given by the banking to keep your banking transactions safe. This should be kept safe at all costs.

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