Things that get expensive from June 1st

Things that will get more expensive from June 1st

Things that will get more expensive from June 1st

The recommended service tax hike in the Union Budget 2015-16 would take effect from June 1st 2015. The service tax will have a direct affect on various things. Here are some things that will get more expensive from June 1st 2015.

Eating out

Eating out at a restaurant would become more expensive from June 1 as the service tax rate would now be increased to 14 percent as opposed to 12.36 percent currently. This means it will increase your restaurant bill.

Mobile bills

As the new service hike starts, consumers will notice an increase in mobile bills. The higher your bill is, the higher the tax you pay. In order to reduce the bill, switch to a cheaper plan to compensate the loss.

Air travel

Due to the addition of 14 percent service tax, travelling through air will become much more expensive.

Hiring cabs

The cab bills would also show an increase as the service tax increases from June 2015. The other areas where the service tax would affect are:

1) DTH Services

2) Beauty Parlour

3) Insurance

4) Stock Broking Related Services

5) Courier Services

6) Laundry services etc.

On many services the service tax was already being levied from March 1, 2015 as the establishments did not know that the provision had not been notified.

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