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These things will get costlier After the GST

These things will get costlier After the GST

With the passage of GST, many industries expressed their happiness. However, there is some cause for concern for the common man. Here are certain things which are about to get expensive if the GST is implemented. It is likely to be implemented from April 1, 2017.

Dinning out in restaurants

GST would increase the service tax. This means that dining out in restaurants is going to be more expensive. At present, the service tax is 15 per cent. It would increase to 18 per cent.

Mobile Phones and laptops

At present, the GST rate is 18 per cent. The duty on products that are manufactured is 400 basis points lower. As a result, the prices of mobile phones and laptops will increase.

Smoking and Drinking

For those who smoke, the GST is going to put more financial pressure on you. The Sin Tax in the GST is a tax levied on products like alcohol and cigarettes. This makes both of them expensive. The prices are going to increase tremendously for these products. At present, the proposed sin tax on cigarettes is at 40 per cent in the GST Bill.

Airline tickets

Air travel is about to get expensive with the implementation of GST. The tax rate on tickets could double which makes them considerably more expensive.

Insurance Policies

It is better to get insurance policies before GST is implemented because they are about to become more expensive. This is also because service tax would be increased by the GST. There will be an increase of 3 per cent.

Mobile Bills

Talking on phones is about to get much pricier too. With the implementation of GST next year, your mobile bills would also be increased. This is also because of the 18 percent rate of GST being higher than the current service tax.

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