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EazyDiner – An Online platform for restaurants

EazyDiner – An Online platform for restaurants

EazyDiner is a Delhi based startup by a team of professionals who are food lovers. Most of them have a prior experience of working as Chefs in reputed hotels all around the globe. They have various dining experiences and fantastic cuisines as well. Their love and passion for food inspired them to start EazyDiner.

EazyDiner is an excellent platform to reserve a table in restaurants online. Customers can make real-time bookings at different restaurants including five-star hotels. Furthermore, EazyDiner offers exciting deals to their customers for each reservation done through their website. These deals are Special EazyDeals that range from either free desserts, alcoholic drinks, appetizers or 50% off on the full bill. Customers can also earn EazyRupees for each booking they make on this website. These can be redeemed for an extensive range of wonderful delicacies later on. Customers can have loyalty programs for their reservation as well. They can make a booking all through the day and all the week days.

The startup extended its operations to Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune in addition to its operations in Delhi. The company also has plans to extend its services in 12 more regions by the end of 2016, including Dubai. At present, it is focusing to upgrade its technology.

EazyDiner claims that no company in India is providing a real-time booking platform in the country similar to what it is offering. Within a time span of eight months since the launch of this startup, the company acquired 10,000 diners in Delhi and has grown by 25 times. One fourth of its bookings are made via its app on Android and iOS. The company’s monthly revenue is currently estimated at Rs.50 lakh.

EazyDiner enlists upwards of 19,000 restaurants on its platform. The company works with 500 food and beverage brands in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai. Table bookings are undertaken in real-time by the company. By this year end the company is planning to have 1500 restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru regions.

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