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Things to know about legal heir certificate

Things to know about legal heir certificate

To get the property from a deceased family member, their successors must obtain a legal heir certificate. This certificate helps to transfer the assets of the deceased on the name of legal heirs.

Legal heir certificate is vital to establish the relationship between the deceased and their legal heirs.

Here are certain things to know about the legal heir certificate:

  • Spouse, children, parents and siblings are considered the legal heirs of a deceased person to claim a legal heir certificate in the country.
  • Legal heir certificate is different from a succession certificate.
  • Legal heir certificate is restricted to certain purposes.
  • It can be used to claim employee benefits, family pension, salary arrears, gratuity, provident fund etc. It also helps with insurance as well as property claims. The certificate helps successors get employment depending on compassionate ground, where there is a provision.
  • Successors of the deceased can apply for a legal heir certificate after obtaining a death certificate from municipality. One can take the help of a lawyer from the District Civil Court.
  • The certificate contains the names of all legal heirs of the deceased person.
  • Successors can obtain the application form from the concerned office and fill it with required details.
  • These details include the names of all the legal heirs and their relationship with the deceased. They should submit it along with the death certificate.
  • The applicant should submit the form along with his/her ID proof with the necessary documents. The documents include address proof of the deceased and date of birth proof of all legal heirs. Besides, a self-attested affidavit is essential. The concerned authority will issue the legal heir certificate after a thorough enquiry.
  • The process takes around 30 days. You can approach the Revenue Division to get the certificate quickly if you feel that the process is getting delayed.

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