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SBI’s platinum deposit scheme

SBI’s platinum deposit scheme

To commemorate 75 years of independence, the country’s largest commercial bank, State Bank of India (SBI), launched a special deposit scheme, SBI Platinum Deposits.

The scheme is a limited period offer and is available till September 14th, 2021.

Here are full details about the platinum deposit scheme of SBI:

  • If you want to become eligible for this scheme, then you should make deposits during the specified tenure, i.e. from 15.08.2021 to 14.09.2021.
  • Three types of tenures are available – Platinum 75 Days, Platinum 525 Days, and Platinum 2250 Days. The interest varies with each scheme.
  • The scheme applies to term deposits and special term deposits only. It does not apply to recurring deposits, annuity deposits, tax saving deposits etc.
  • Both new and renewal deposits are eligible.
  • Domestic retail term deposits, including NRE and NRO term deposits of less than ₹2 crores are allowed.
  • For NRE deposits, the scheme is available for 525 Days and 2250 Days only.
  • Premature withdrawal charges are applicable.
  • Interest rates for the general public are as follows: 3.90% for Platinum 75 Days, 5.10% for Platinum 525 Days, and 5.55% for Platinum 2250 Days. Senior citizens can earn more interest. They can earn 4.45% on deposits of Platinum 75 Days, 5.60% on Platinum 525 Days, and 6.20% on Platinum 2250 Days (the same interest rate which is applicable under the SBI WECARE Scheme; no additional benefits are available under the Platinum scheme for deposits of 5 years and more).
  • Interest is paid at monthly and quarterly intervals for term deposits.
  • For special term deposits, it is paid on maturity.
  • Interest is credited to the customers’ account after deducting applicable tax at the source. That means the interest net of TDS is only paid to customers.
  • Customers can utilize the scheme through various channels. They can use the YONO app or internet banking. Or they can visit the bank branch.

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