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SBI Platinum Corporate Card – Suitable for Corporates


SBI Platinum Corporate card provides dual benefits to the users: Easy management of expenses and savings. Firms can track their expenses and control the expenses made by certain employees with this card. Employees of the firms can earn reward points, complimentary travel-related insurance and many more. There is no joining fee or annual fee for this card.

To obtain SBI Platinum Corporate card, companies need to show income details and bank statements of last 3 months along with other necessary documents like address proof, identity proof etc. The employees should submit the turnover of the corporate organization where they are working if they want to get this card. Their annual income should not be less than Rs. 25 lakhs. They have to provide the required proofs along with their annual living and travel expenses.

The card features are: The interest free credit period is 20 to 50 days but applicable on retail purchases only when the earlier outstanding balance in fully paid. Finance charges are 3.35% per month or 40.2% per annum from the transaction date. Transaction charges for foreign currency is 3.5%. 2.5% of over limit Amount is applicable. The minimum over limit amount is Rs. 500. Late payment charges, surcharges and other charges are also applicable. Visit SBI website for details.

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