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Do you know about E-wallets?

Do you know about E-wallets?

E-wallet as the name explains means Electronic wallet. It can safely maintain your money and credit cards. One can store many credit cards and bank account numbers in a single E-wallet. One can use this wallet while purchasing in order to purchase something without the need to entering bank details again.

E-wallet can be used to shop to for many products like airline tickets, grocery, electronics and many more without having to use cards.

Anyone can setup an E-wallet. One needs to create a profile. It is a simple procedure to create the profile by filling information regarding the account. The amount can be transferred whenever needed.

There are only few companies which are providing the service of E-wallets. ICICI bank, Axis Bank, SBI, etc. are some of the companies which are offer this service. Once the E-wallet has been created, it can be used at online grocery stores, recharge mobile phones, book railway tickets, and just about any online money transaction.

E-wallet makes almost every online transaction easier. It makes managing your accounts and cards much easier to handle. An E-wallet can be created with just Rs.10 as the minimum amount. The procedure to create is also very simple and does not require credit history. So, go ahead, create one and enjoy the benefits.

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