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IT Department warns about fake messages

IT Department warns about fake messages

As the date for filing income tax returns is approaching, several taxpayers in the country are receiving suspicious emails, calls and SMS.

In this context, the income tax department warns people to be careful with these fraudulent and fake messages.

The income tax department is trying to process the income tax refund faster and easier; at the same time, fraudsters are sending fake messages and emails to the taxpayers on a tax refund.

Some messages even appear to be from authentic sources. The fraudsters send fake links which lead to the websites that are maintained by them. These websites contain harmful codes. It may lead to the theft of your financial data as well as personal identity.

In this regard, the IT department advises taxpayers not to open these links at any cost. Even if you open it, do not fill any personal information like ATM card or credit card, bank, or any other financial details.

Taxpayers should be cautious or else they would fall prey to the fraudsters.

They should check the following points to avoid falling into the traps of fakes:

  • Check the domain name carefully.
  • Fake emails generally have some incorrect spelling in the name of websites. These emails also have incorrect email header.
  • Be careful about fake refund messages that are claimed to be sent from the income tax department.
  • The IT department never asks for OTP, PIN or passwords. If you receive any such emails asking for access to those, ignore such fake emails.
  • Do not give financial details including ATM card or credit card, bank information, income tax details or any other financial information through email, SMS or phone call.
  • Ignore opening an attachment received from a suspicious email as it may contain malicious code.

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