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How to complain with RERA on a property dealer

How to complain with RERA on a property dealer

There were many instances in the past where home buyers end with frustration as the developer or builder does not finish the property in a specific time.

Often the money of buyers is misused by the builders for another project instead of finishing the proposed project.

In order to help both buyers and builders, the RERA Act came into effect in 2016.

Home buyers can now complain to authorities of RERA of a particular state if they are misrepresented by the property dealers or for delays in their proposed projects.

There are many instances where buyers who complained with proper reasons and proofs have been compensated.

If your property is not finished in a specific time or not provided amenities as promised, you can complain to RERA authorities.

Here is how you can complain with RERA:

  • You have to register first at the website of RERA in order to file a complaint with all your details including mobile number, email id etc.
  • Click on accounts to go to My profile and provide the necessary details.
  • Then click on the tab for ‘complaint details’ and select ‘ Add new complaint’.
  • Then furnish the property details like registration number for the project and the antecedents of the respondent.
  • Then provide your case details with necessary documents.
  • Specify the relief you want to get on the basis of which legal provisions and grounds.
  • After that, you have to provide your declaration stating that all the provided facts are true.
  • Then you have to pay the prescribed fee online.
  • An adjudicating officer from the RERA authorities will hear your case and the officer will pass the order if he/she founds merit in your case.
  • You can approach the appellate tribunal within 60 days from the order given by the adjudicating officer if you find it does not seem to fit you.

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