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GST rates for various goods and services

GST rates for various goods and services

The Goods and Services Tax will come into force from July 1, 2017. In this regard, the tax rates are confirmed by the government for various goods and services. There are four tax slab rates in GST. Some goods and services are exempted from tax. The proposed tax structure is as follows: 5 percent, 12 percent, 18 percent and 28 percent.

Here is a list of goods and services and their tax rates:

The goods and services that are exempted from tax come under zero percent tax rate. The goods that are exempted from tax are: Unpacked and unprocessed meat, any milk and poultry product, fresh fruits and vegetables, not roasted coffee beans, unprocessed cereals, prasadams of all religious places, bread, cane jaggery, papad, puffed rice, water (not aerated or purified, mineral or distilled), unpackaged coconut water, common salt, kumkum, bindi, sindur, plastic bangles, printed books, slates, slate pencils, chalk sticks, earthen pots and clay lamps and manually operated or hand tools of agriculture. Exempted services are: Education and healthcare, hotels with tariff under ₹1,000, grandfathering services, non-AC train travel, metro and local train travel.

Goods and services that come under five percent tax rate are as follows: Branded honey and dairy products, frozen vegetables and fruits, processed coffee, carriages for disabled persons, broomsticks, coronary stents, beet sugar, cane sugar, roasted bread, rusks etc. and services like AC train travel, economy air travel, Dhabas with an annual turnover less than ₹50 lakh and cab services.

Non air-conditioned hotels and business class air travel fall under 12 percent tax rate. The goods that come under this tax rate are: Processed milk products, frozen meat, books published for entertainment or education, geometry boxes, pencil sharpeners, telephones, sports goods, hair pins, combs, pens, pencils, sanitary napkins and works of arts.

Goods that are under 18 percent tax are: Refined sugar, pasta cooked or uncooked, cornflakes, soups, ice creams, soft drinks, tooth powder, plastic products, helmets, spectacles and electronic toys. Air-conditioned hotels, hotels that serve liquor, hotels with tariff ranging from ₹2,500 to ₹5,000 and telecom and financial services come under this tax slab.

Five-star hotels with tariff of above ₹ 5,000, cinemas and race club betting fall under 28 percent tax slab rate. White chocolates, chewing gums, chocolates and other foods that contain cocoa, pan masala, custard powder, beauty and skin care products, plywood, stoves (except kerosene and LPG stoves), video game consoles, primary cells and batteries are some goods that fall under this tax slab rate.

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