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Government launches app for GST rates

Government launches app for GST rates

Although the Goods and Services Tax (or GST) is claimed to be a revolution in the entire economy of India, many people are still confused about the nature of the tax.

Therefore, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has teamed up with officials from the Central Board of Excise and Customs (or CBEC) to create an app that can both simplify the GST for general customers and allow them to check accurate tax rates on various goods and services.

This new app, called the GST Rates Finder, was then launched for mobile devices last Friday.

The GST Rates Finder is currently only available on Android devices, but availability on iOS devices will also be coming shortly. The app will immediately also be available in its offline mode once it is downloaded onto a smartphone.

The online GST portal has also incorporated the GST Rates Finder into the layout of its website in order for the taxpayers to become familiar with the tax rate of their supplies under the GST.

The accurate rates of the CGST, the SGST, the UTGST, and the Compensation Cess on any supply can be found on the app. The search can be made based on any factor, whether it be the description of the goods and services, the HSN chapter, or the heading number.

The GST Rates Finder has simple workings to ensure accommodation for all customers. The app can currently be downloaded from the Android platform, and will soon be available to download on the iOS platform as well. Once downloaded, the app can work in both online mode and offline mode.

To find the GST rate for a good or a service, the user must type in either the name or the chapter heading of said good or service.

The user will then be provided with a list of all goods and services that meet the search criteria, and he or she can then access the applicable GST rates.

Thus, this app allows for simple access to the changes GST has brought and gives customers a way to better comprehend the changes that the tax has made.

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