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Gift cards are good option to gift someone

Gift cards are good option to gift someone

Gift cards are one of the best options to gift someone especially if you are unsure of what to give them.
They are also very helpful for those who cannot spend much time on finding a gift. Gift cards are offered by various banks and you can also get them if you are lucky enough to win some draws. Let us take a look at how gift cards work and know the basics about them.
1. Gift cards can be purchased from Rs.500 up to a maximum of Rs.50,000.
2. Gift cards are usually valid for a year after the date. The date will be marked on the card and the gift card cannot be reloaded.
3. A gift card need not be used in one stretch. A person can save some balance for later use.
4. Gift cards are better than gift voucher because they are not limited to a certain brand.
5. Gift cards can be availed at any bank without the need for a bank account. However some banks might charge one time issuance charge.
6. The balance of a gift card can be checked by entering the pin allotted in an ATM and selecting balance enquiry.

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