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FSSAI launches mobile application

FSSAI launches mobile application

To connect with food business operators (FBOs) and consumers, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India launched a mobile application, Food Safety Connect.

After launching the app, FSSAI said that the app would ease the registration process. It helps businesses, street vendors, hawkers, and startups to get their registration quickly and conveniently.

Besides, the app provides information on various things related to FSSAI licence and registration, rules, and eligibility criteria. In addition to that, resource material is provided on FBOs, including a list of laboratories for food testing and Food Safety Mitras, product standards, guidance documents, and many more such things.

As per the Safety and Standards (FSS) Act, 2006, an FSSAI licence is mandatory for every food business. In other words, every business that wants to operate in the food segment must obtain FSSAI registration before starting their business.

In India, most of the food business is done in the unorganized sector. Many of these people are not familiar with tech-related platforms. Some of them do not even know the basic terms.

The app helps consumers by updating them about the main activities of FSSAI. It also helps bridge the communication gap with consumers.

Consumers can learn about food safety and healthy eating using available resource videos, books, and guidance documents.

Sometimes, consumers cannot complain about the unhealthy practices of food businesses due to a lack of awareness of whom they should complain to. The app helps consumers in such cases. They can easily lodge their grievance on food safety matters.

FSSAI also created an ecosystem of Food Safety Mitras (FSMs). These FSMs aim to help food business operators with registration-related matters, training, and auditing hygiene at various places like schools, colleges etc.

The Food Safety Connect app is available on the Google Play Store. FSSAI asked all food businesses to download the app to get updates on various food safety matters.

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