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Most expensive shares in India

Most Expensive Shares In India

There are many factors which alter the value of a stock. Here are some of the most expensive shares in India. These shares have resulted in people getting great returns.


The shares of MRF are the most expensively traded in India. MRF is a tire manufacturing company. The stock has a very low equity base, a high return on equity, and a super dividend and bonus track record. The stock price of MRF is Rs 32,027.


Bosch stocks are the second most expensive in India currently trading at Rs 22,072. It is a company related to technology, Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, and Consumer Goods. These stocks also have low equity base.

Eicher Motors

The shares of EML are currently being traded at Rs. 18,858. EML is one of the biggest players in Indian automotive space. The stock saw a huge boost from Rs. 4,500 in 2014 to the current price.

Page Industries

Page Industry, a textile company has reached the position of 4th most expensive stock in the country currently trading at around Rs. 14,000. The stock also saw a huge boost from Rs. 5,000 and is currently around Rs 14,400.

Shree Cements

Shree Cements is one of the leading players in cement manufacturing industry. Its stock is currently at a price of Rs. 13,700. One of the main reasons why a cement company is doing so well is because of the low equity base.

3M India

With a stock price of Rs. 12,689, 3M has the sixth most expensive stock in India. The stock price last year was around Rs. 8,000. The company’s stock price improved vastly.

Honeywell Automation

It is 7th most expensive stock. The current market price is at Rs 8,980.

Bajaj Finance

Bajaj Finance takes the eighth position in most expensive stocks with a market price of Rs. 8,045.

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