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Change of working hours under new labour laws

Change of working hours under new labour laws

The government of India released new labour codes. These codes impact the salary structure of an employee, PF contributions, working hours etc.

Besides, these laws also focus on working conditions, the welfare of labourers, and their health and safety. Many state governments like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha etc., have already drafted the new rules.

Here are some important aspects related to new labour codes:

Working hours will be affected under the new labour laws. As per these laws, employers can allow their employees to work for four days.

Currently, many companies allow their employees to work for five days and offer two days off. But with the new structure, employees will get three weekdays off. However, instead of eight hours a day, employees will have to work for 12 hours a day. That means the number of working days will be reduced, but not the working hours. So, it will increase the work burden on employees during working days as they will need to work for a longer duration. The rule applies to all industries; however, it may be changed in various states based on the rules prescribed by the respective state government.

Another change is in the take-home salary of an employee. As per the new labour codes, the basic salary of an employee should be 50 per cent of the gross salary. The gratuity amount will also increase, which will be received by the employee after retirement. It means the PF contribution will increase while the take-home salary will decrease.

The government also wants to rationalise the leaves for an employee during their work at an organization. It also includes the carry forward of leaves to the succeeding year and encashment of leaves.

Due to the pandemic, many companies allowed their employees to work from home. The government recognized it and wants to continue it wherever it is applicable, especially in the service industry. Furthermore, an employee needs to work for 240 days to be eligible for a leave in a new job.

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