Are you buying fake products?

Are you buying fake products from ecommerce sites?

Are you buying fake products from ecommerce sites?

In the digital era, many consumers in India are buying their products on ecommerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon.

It is because, online shopping not only saves time, but results in some discounts as well. Often these ecommerce giants offer huge discounts on their website.

Big day sales, count down sales on each day etc. are also quite common.

However, a recent survey revealed that a significant percentage of unoriginal products have been sold through Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. The survey was conducted by LocalCircles and 6,923 people participated in it.

Products like fashion apparel, perfumes, shoes were among top fake products received list.

In this regard, consumers might feel better to know about the originality of products before buying.

Here are some tips to know:

  • Check the reviews on the product. Rate the vendor with these reviews. You can also give your rate to improve the experience of other consumers.
  • Compare the specified product with the same product of the brand’s official website. While comparing, observe model number, features and specifications. A heavy discount on the product is justifiable If the product is out of season. Otherwise, you have to think carefully. You can also check the placement of logo. For mobile phones, check the IMEI number on the box.
  • Don’t fall for big discounts. It is not possible to get new models with huge discounts. It you find a new model product of any brand with heavy discount, then it is likely not an original product. Sports shoes fall under this category where fake products are sold.
  • Check the return policy while buying a product. Normally, some products such as electronic accessories have a very small return period say 10 to 15 days. These 10 or 15 days are calculated from the day of your purchase but not from the day it is delivered to you. So, if you receive it after 5 days and it worked for 10 days; then on the 15th day, even if it stopped working, you can do nothing as the ecommerce website is not responsible even though it holds a 1-year replacement warranty. Even the company can do nothing if the product is detected as a fake product.

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