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Best small cap stocks

Best small cap stocks

Small cap stocks tend to be undervalued, and they are not given as much attention as mid cap stocks and large cap stocks. However, the small cap stock index has been performing very well recently. These stocks have the potential to rally, and they can generate very profitable returns. These are some of the currently notable small cap stocks that may be worth a look for investors.

Bodal Chemicals is a company that manufactures dyestuff. Although they did not have the best numbers for the quarter that ended on June 30th, there are several reasons to be optimistic about investing in this company. The capacity of the dyestuff will be expanded from 8,000 MTPA to 25,000 MTPA. This will allow them to collect rich dividends in the coming years. The Bodal Chemicals shares are currently trading at ₹165, so buy this stock for definite long-term benefits.

Indo Count Industries is one of the biggest textile manufacturers in India. It has a large presence in fashion bedding, utility bedding, and bedsheets. Although it hasn’t performed well recently due to margin concentration, the company is expected to perform well in the future, thanks to margin and capacity expansions.

The price for Indo Count Industries shares is reasonable, currently at ₹156. These shares should be bought with a time frame of at least 3 years.

Force Motors is a prominent vehicle manufacturer. They manufacture the Tempo Traveller range of buses, and they also supply power train components to Mercedes and BMW. Although they did not begin the year well, the company is expected to grow in the future.

The luxury car segment of Mercedes and BMW will soon grow, thanks to the sharp price cuts from the GST. Additionally, the company has a small equity capital, which means that any small profit gain will cause a spike in the EPS. Investors should be patient before investing in Force Motors, but it is one of the best small cap stocks to buy overall.

The TV Today Network runs the Aaj Tak and India Today channels. The company has been performing consistently well recently. Aaj Tak continues to provide leadership growth in the Hindi News segment, and India Today is one of the top news channels in the country.

The TV Today Network is expected to keep growing as literacy rates improve around the country. Additionally, they will receive more rural viewership, since they have now entered the DD Free Dish platform. The shares are currently trading at ₹237, so buy this stock for excellent benefits in the future.

Century Enka is a part of the BK Birla group. It manufactures cloth materials such as Polyester Filament Yarn and Nylon Filament Yarn.

The company had good results last year, and the EPS for the year was ₹41.62.

The shares are currently trading at ₹387, so buy this stock for medium or long-term benefits.

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