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Best NPS linked pension funds

Best NPS linked pension funds

The National Pension System (NPS) was launched in the year 2004 by the government. One can choose one of the several companies of India which manage NPS. One can opt for getting a monthly pension and also invest in NPS. It is possible to take a lumpsum amount after a certain period of time or it is possible to take monthly income in the form of pension. The following are some great NPS pension funds in India.

HDFC Pension Management Company

This is a subsidiary of HDFC Standard Life. It manages assets under NPS as per the guidelines from IRDA. The net asset value under HDFC Pension Scheme Type 1 is Rs 15.67.

ICICI Pension Fund Management Company

This is also like the HDFC and is among the pension management companies. It is wholly owned by ICICI prudential life.

LIC Pension Fund

This is managed by Life Insurance Corporation of India. It also comes with a strong pedigree.

Reliance Pension

It has been authorized by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India to manage pension funds in India. The Union budget for 2015-16 has given further advantages for the New Pension scheme by providing further tax advantages therefore encouraging investors to save through this mechanism for his or her retirement.

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