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Beekeeping – A profitable business idea

Beekeeping - A profitable business idea

If you want to start a profitable Agri-business, then beekeeping is a good business. There is no need to invest lakhs of rupees in this business.

You can start with minimal investment and earn lakhs with this business. The beekeeping business has good potential and you can earn up to ₹2 lakhs per month.

Beekeeping is also known as Apiculture. It involves the maintenance of bee colonies or hives to produce honey and other related products.

The government provides a subsidy of up to 85% for beekeeping businesses. National Bee Board (NBB) supports the beekeeping business in India in collaboration with NABARD. They also help empower women by providing the necessary support for them.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) provides in-depth knowledge of this business and training to those who want to start it. You can contact your nearest KV Kendra to get details about these training programmes and register for them.

One can make good profits with beekeeping by selling honey and other related products like beeswax, jelly, bee gum, bee pollen etc. There is a huge demand for these products in the market.

You will get a clear idea of the business potential and market value of these products if you get training on these products.

There is no need to maintain thousands of bee colonies initially. You can start with 50 hives.

You can even start with 10 boxes. Each box costs ₹3,500. So, you have to invest ₹35,000. With each box, you can produce 40 kilograms of honey, and with 10 boxes, you can produce 400 kg. You can make ₹80,000 if you sell each kg at ₹200.

If you can produce 1000 kg of honey, you can make up to ₹2 lakhs as the market price of raw honey is around ₹200. You can make crores after running the business for a few years.

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