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Startup offers one lakh for Chief Meme Officer

Startup offers one lakh for Chief Meme Officer

Memes can reach many people on social media. That’s why people make memes to spread the message easily among people.

Many people enjoy watching memes. However, not all of them can create impressive memes to attract an audience.

Memes are seen as a way to reach a wider audience by many. That’s why a startup has offered ₹1 lakh for a chief meme officer.

StockGro, a Bengaluru-based startup, posted it on its LinkedIn page. Besides, it also announced a gift of an iPad to those who refer the right candidate for the vacancy.

The company, while announcing the vacancy, asked people to refer as many as they can to improve their chances of winning a free iPad. The post attracted many people, as the startup expected.

The reason for hiring a meme expert is to attract GenZ. StogkGro believes the right candidate can inform things with a sprint of humour so that many can connect to the content.

In this way, the meme expert can maintain the brand value, while creating a brand voice and stating its tone to several. Though adding a dash of humour to the content garners the attention of many people, it is essential to make the viewers feel it is true. So, the applicant must balance both.

That’s why StockGro wished to hire a meme expert. As the task is tough, the startup has offered remuneration of ₹1 lakh for this position.

Also, if anyone wants to refer the right candidate for the vacancy they can do so and win a free iPad. Those who want to refer a person can tag their friends for the vacancy and fill out a form.

If anyone of the referred candidates is recruited by the company, the person who referred the candidate can get a free iPad.

So, why do you wait? Apply for the vacancy or refer the right candidate you think is suitable for the position.

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