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Rajarani Music Festival

Rajarani Music Festival

Rajarani Music festival is held in Odisha each year. It is organized by the State Tourism Department in association of other organizations. These include Bhubaneshwar Music Circle, NALCO, Orissa Sangeet Natak Academy and the Union Ministry of Tourism. The motive behind this festival is to highlight the Indian classical music.

This year, it is organized from January 18 to January 20 in in Rajarani Temple premises, Bhubaneshwar from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Several notable vocalists as well as instrumentalists from all over the country perform in this festival in various styles of Carnatic, Hindustani and Odissi classical music of the country. Many locals and tourists are attracted to this festival. Each year a large audience attend this festival.

Image Reference: Bhubaneswarbuzz

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