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Karumparai Muttiah Temple festival that celebrated by men only

Karumparai Muttiah Temple festival that celebrated by men only

The Karumparai Muttiah Temple, located near Tirumangalam Karadikkal in the Madurai district, stands as the guardian deity of the village.

This temple hosts an annual festival during the month of Margazhi, exclusively for men. This long-standing tradition highlights the deep-rooted cultural and spiritual practices of the community.

The festival involves the sacrifice of goats, which are kept in excellent condition and reared within the temple premises.

Villagers from several areas including, Karadikkal, Kunnampatti etc., and surrounding areas leave these goats, known as Kitai, at the temple as offerings after their wishes are fulfilled.

The goats then graze freely in nearby fields, symbolizing the deity Muttiah Sami hunting for prey, a belief deeply respected by the locals.

The festival was celebrated in January this year. On January 5th morning marked this year’s Karumparai Muttiah Temple festival.

Sixty-two goats were sacrificed in honour of the deity, followed by the preparation of a grand non-vegetarian feast.

The feast included 85 sacks of rice, served to the thousands of men who attended. Devotees enjoyed rice and mutton on leaves, adhering to the custom of leaving the leaves intact after the meal.

As the leaves dry and scatter, women then come to the temple to worship Sami, maintaining a tradition that ensures the sanctity and continuity of the ritual.

Participants from various regions, including Tirumangalam, Karadikkal, Mavilipatti, Sekanurani, and Cholavandan, joined in the festivities.

After the feast, small kits were left to beautify the temple premises, preparing it for the next year’s festival.

The festival not only reinforces the spiritual bond among the villagers but also preserves their cultural heritage.

The collective participation and the rituals performed reflect a deep sense of community and devotion.

The Karumparai Muttiah Temple festival remains a significant event, symbolizing faith, tradition, and the enduring spirit of the villagers.

Image Credit: Mediasans, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Goat_by_Sans.jpg

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