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Food, Music and Fashion event from Dzükou


Dzükou, a tribal kitchen is situated in Delhi and is famous for Naga recipes. The name of the restaurant is derived from the Dzükou valley in Nagaland. It is a popular place to enjoy the evenings. Many people visit this place which is located in the heart of Delhi and turn their evenings into nights.

Most of their Menu includes the recipes cooked in the traditional way of Nagaland using organic as well as exotic ingredients of the place like Naga spring onions, wild mushrooms, Naga beans and lentils, yam and banana flowers, Naga King chillies and prickly ash peppers, tree tomatoes, fermented soy bean paste, fleshy bamboo shoots and other aromatic Naga spices. Guests can enjoy the local flavors here.

Dzükou is organizing an event related to food, music and fashion on January 27. Many renowned artistes from northeast India are participating in this evening event.

Some of them are: Singers such as Roselyn Hmar, fashion designers like Atsu Sekhose, and models such as Kethose Nagi, Ketholeno Kense and Carol Humtsoe. This mega event promotes not just the Naga cuisine but also art and culture.

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