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Finish Bullet Thali and win Royal Enfield Bike

Finish Bullet Thali and win Royal Enfield Bike

If you are a food lover, then here is a great food challenge for you. This contest also gives you a chance of winning Royal Enfield Bullet bike.

Pune Restaurant offers a food challenge to food lovers. Shivraj Hotel, located in the Wadgaon Maval of the city announced an offer. If you finish 4kg Bullet Thali, you can win a Royal Enfield Bullet bike worth ₹1.65 lakhs.

The restaurant sells 65 different types of thalis. Among them, six giant thalis are notable. These include Special Ravan Thali, Bakasur Chicken Thali, Bullet Thali, Pahelwan Mutton Thali, Malvani Fish Thali, and Sarkar Mutton Thali.

Organizing contests is not a new thing for the restaurant. It organized a similar contest in the past also. It announced the 8kg Ravan Thali contest to win a cash prize of ₹5,000. Four people had to finish the thali within 60 minutes to win the cash prize.

Now, it announced the 4kg Bullet Thali to improve its customer base. The hotel management says that contestants have to finish the thali within 60 minutes to win the Bullet bike. But, completing the thali is not an easy task.

The non-vegetarian thali consists of 12 recipes made with chicken, fish, mutton, and prawns. It weighs around 4kg. The contestants have to buy thali and finish it within the stipulated time. Cost of thali is ₹2,500.

This special thali is prepared by 55 chefs and their helpers. The hotel procured five Royal Enfield Bullet bikes and kept them in the verandah to grab the attention of customers. Many people tried, but could not succeed to finish the challenge, except an individual. Somnath Pawar from Solapur finished the Bullet thali within 60 minutes and won the Royal Enfield Bullet.

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