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Delhi on Foot

Delhi on Foot

Delhi on Foot is a seven day walking festival. The concept of the festival is to explore and discover the bylanes and streets of Delhi on foot. The festival is planned by ‘Delhi, I Love You’, an independent body.

The aim of the festival is to promote the culture of walking and share the national capital’s culture.

This is a seven day festival which begins on February 22. The festival is backed by Delhi Tourism and it is set to bring together 31 organizations. There will be 80 different walks happening in the entire festival.

Aastha Chauhan, the Director of Delhi, I love you said that they are organizing guided walking tours which will teach people about the culture of Delhi including its heritage, food, Sufi music etc.

The idea behind the festival is to bring people who care about culture together and encourage conversations between them regarding the improvement of walking culture and reducing pollution in the city.

Organizations like Sadia Dehlvi, Sohail Hashmi, Manoj Misra, INTACH, Swechha, Salaam Balak Trust are participating in the event.

The festival travels through 3 places in the city. They are: Chunnamal Haveli in Old Delhi, Allaince Fancaise in Lodhi Estate and the IAQ art gallery in Qutub complex. During the seven days there would be various events like music, street performances, readings, film screenings etc.

Chauhan added that they aim to create a safe and festive environment in the city covering the culture of walking in the city. She hopes to see this festival become an annual tradition to promote walking as an important and fun activity.

The organizers got the idea to start the event a few months ago. Delhi, I love you met with Delhi Dallying a group of architects who organize walks and workshops in Delhi. And thus formed the idea of this seven day festival.

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