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3rd Taj Literature Festival

3rd Taj Literature Festival

Taj Literature Festival is a popular festival.The 3rd edition of this festival is to be held in Agra soon. The organizers say that this year, the festival will be more tightly curated. Unlike previous editions, the festival won’t have any particular theme in order to accommodate various interests. The 3-day long event will begin on February 26.

According to the organizers, there will be no theme this year in order to attract a variety of interest among people. The organizers have accommodated 16 different categories. They include music, theatre, politics, women cooking and comedy among others. The aim of this move is to make sure that everybody will have something interesting for them in the festival, says Singh Bahia, founder of the festival said.

The main aim of this festival is to bring the rich cultural past of the city into spotlight. This includes art like poetry, music, prose and theatre. The event invites experts from all sections of Agra and aims at glorifying the unique culture of the city.

Anshu Khanna, the curator of the third edition of the festival says that this time, it will be very dynamic. It was added that the festival will be covering lighter subjects this time but they will be very fun.

“Kaifi Aur Main” a play starring popular actress Shabana Azmi and her husband and lyricist Javed Akhtar will be one of the biggest crowd pulling events in the festival. This play is a tribute to the renowned Urdu poet and film lyricist Kaifi Azmi’s life and works from the perspective of his wife. Famous film actress, Shaukat Kaifi, will perform in front of an audience of 4,000 people.

The festival started in the year 2014. At every edition, it developed something new and became a beautiful celebration of art and culture of Agra. The organizers say that the event is slowly but surely growing every year.

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