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Motivations to Consider The Dream Careers Game plan  

Dream Careers Plan

There are so many options. You don’t know what you’re qualified to do.

If you’re looking forward to such luxuries in life as a nice apartment, going out to see your friends on the weekends, and eating — you’re going to need a job.

Having a place where you are paid to go do things every day is, unfortunately, not some extracurricular high school activity that you can sign up and get credit for but never actually attend.

You’re going to have to spend a very significant portion of your life working, and if you’re not in a job that either you enjoy in and of itself or which allows you a lifestyle you enjoy, life is probably going to be lame.

What you want can change as you pursue it

Maybe you have a perfect image in your mind of exactly what it is you want to be doing, say, 10 years from now. You want a certain job, a certain office, a certain city, a certain loft apartment with bold-but-chic decor and a dog so beautiful and well-mannered that it kind of makes you sick.

The dream job you have in mind isn’t just a job, it’s an entire lifestyle that goes along with it — but maybe you won’t end up with it. In fact, you probably won’t end up getting the exact things you want, right down to the last detail. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As we pursue our dreams, we often find what we thought we wanted to be tedious or stressful, or discover other things along the way that make us even more fulfilled.

The more we try, the more we keep reaching further towards what we want, the more we’ll end up encountering — and maybe falling in love with.

Your job dictates much of your life

Are you the kind of person who maintains a time-consuming hobby, has a active social life, likes to get a lot of sleep, wants to buy nice things, or loves travelling?

Your job is going to decide a huge part of whether you get to do those things.

Whether your ideal is a job that leaves you a ton of free time, one that has almost no commute, one that earns you a lot of money, or simply one that doesn’t get you too stressed out — these things have a huge direct effect on the rest of your life.

Even though we’re not defined by what we do, and our life isn’t our work, it does have a huge influence on the rest of what we are and can do. Why not go for the one that suits you best?


Some people are going to judge you regardless

A lot of people hesitate to follow their dream jobs because they fear judgment from family, friends, even random people they meet who ask that sometimes-dreaded question, “So what do you do?” but the truth is that the people who love you and want to be there for you, even if they do offer words of advice or caution, will always be supportive and excited for you to be doing something you enjoy so much.

The people who were going to make nasty, backhanded comments or openly doubt your ability to succeed likely do it to others, and are going to be judgmental no matter what you choose to do — because it’s not about you.

Ultimately, we should pity these people who cannot feel happiness for others and, if they can’t offer something nice, at least be neutral on the subject. Their nastiness isn’t suddenly coming from your decision to pursue music, it’s coming from within.


If you don’t at least try, you’ll always regret it

Everyone knows what the regret of not having gone for something that we so desperately wanted feels like, even when it’s a relatively small missed opportunity of daily life.

Imagine what it would be like to live with the knowledge that not only do you not do what you’ve always dreamed of with your day-to-day work, but that you didn’t even try.

Imagine being haunted by the knowledge that so much of what you consider impossible could easily have been yours. No one deserves to live with that kind of remorse.

Work doesn’t have to be horrible

So many of us live with this resignation to the idea that work is just some dreadful, time-consuming activity that we have to slog through five days a week in order to be able to live the rest of the time. But why? Is it because we think that we cannot have a job that we really want?

We may not all get paid millions of dollars to be an official ice cream-taster for Ben and Jerry’s, but there are certainly jobs out there that make us feel excited to get started in the mornings, and leave us with the impression that we’ve accomplished something at the end of the day.

Why not look around for something that makes your days feel like something worth getting up for in the morning?


You deserve to be proud of what you do

Is there anything worse than, when being asked by family, friends, or inquiring strangers what it is that you do for work, feeling actively embarrassed/upset by the question, and wishing that you could just strap on a jet pack and eject yourself from the situation, to not have to respond?

Well, unemployment is probably worse — but it’s likely preferable to some of the answers people are forced to give in those situations.

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