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What Hiring Managers Think – When They Stalk You Online

What Hiring Managers Think

Professional Stalking Starts With LinkedIn.Stalking usually shifts to professional platforms. Depending on your search, recruiters and hiring managers might look at LinkedIn or any other places where you have a professional profile or portfolio.

“Expertise usually has direct business value, which is the very first requirement we look for. While more social stuff is valuable, it comes after thinking about meeting our goals or the bottom line,” says Pete Abilla, The LinkedIn platform gives formal-feeling, but it still gives a ton of information about a person we might like to meet.”
A complete profile is key when it comes to earning attention on job-focused platforms. A friendly and professional headshot attracts attention while a short, polished summary is an easy way to share what you do and how you add business value.

For extra credit, consider following industry-specific thought leaders and liking or commenting on their content, following admirable or innovative companies in the space, and sharing media that proves you’re educated and thoughtful about a specific topic or type of work. “It’s not just about what someone shares in terms of resume experiences that matters,” Sweeney explains. “It’s the content they engage with, companies and brands that they follow, along with any public testimonials and endorsements they’ve collected—and from whom.”

Social Media Shows You’re a Great Culture Fit

Just like the social engagement aspect of LinkedIn, sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Spotify can tell stories about who you are. If you’re looking to use your social profiles to land a specific kind of job, be savvy about sharing relevant, attention-catching photos and videos. With social media, you might not ever get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Never underestimate the power of collecting all of your social content together in one place, either. A personal website is an easy way to accomplish this, linking to each of your profiles and giving you even more space to tell your story and share what you know and can do. Think about the role you hope to land and the kind of content you can create to take your efforts an impressive step forward.

Looking to land a job in the travel industry? Instead of just linking to your Instagram, stream a live feed of your photos and write posts about where you’ve been lately. If your focus is breaking into something totally new (like moving from finance to fashion), use your website to link to products you love and embed the video tutorials you create, showing exactly why they’re awesome.

Showcasing your work experience and job-specific skills by refining what shows up in search results and on professional platforms takes time, but it’s worth it. Companies are paying attention, and you want them to see that you’re a solid, genuine person ready to be their next new hire.

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