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Most Common Questions Asked From Freshers

Questions Asked From Freshers

Is it your first interview? May be you are little nervous? Lets get prepare for some questions, which may help you to make the interview successful. Here I am going to tell you some of the most common questions which are asked by the interviewer from the freshers.

 1. Tell me about yourself?

Its the most common question an interviewer asked from the candidate. He does not mean to tell everything about you. Interviewer just wants a quick snapshot about you which makes you a suitable candidate for the position. He just wants to know your skills, capabilities, thinking. Prepare answer for this question in two to three minutes duration. You can tell about yourself, study and experience what you have done. You can include some more things if interviewer asked like your hobbies, skills, daily routine, etc.

2. Why should i hire you?

Your answer for this question shows how much you understand the position and how much you know about your skills. The best answer is that you are the suitable person for this job, but you have to specify the qualities in you. So don’t afraid to say that you are the suitable person for this job, give some example, explain some skills, about passion, experience etc.

3. How has your education prepared you for your career?

This question mostly asked to the fresher’s, as they don’t have working experience in an industry so here you need to explain your experience during the education which you analyse during practical applications, team work and class projects where you get the data.

Explain how it supports you for the career. If they ask more you can tell more about your experience during education which helps you to understand the things related to the job.

4. What are your strength & Weakness?

You can expect this question every time you go for interview. Interviewer just wants to know about your behavior towards different situation. So don’t waste your time by telling related kindness, emotion. Just tell them with an example what you already did which shows your strength, your ideas, your thinking which makes benefits. You can give your real life examples of your strength.

Don’t afraid to say about your weakness, but don’t forget to tell how you overcome with that, how your skills make benefits over your weakness. No need to tell your every weakness, foible.

5. What is your objective?

To answer this you need to find out your goal, what do you want to do? Where do you want see yourself in future? Main intension of this question is to know about affords you are really making to achieve your goal. So when you are answering this question, you need to tell about the goal you already achieve and then talk about your achievable objectives and what are you going to do next to achieve your goal. It would be good if you have a plan to achieve your goal you can give example.

6. Do you think you are the suitable candidate for this position?

Obliviously you will say yes, but here you need to explain about your skills which are required for this position, how you can use your skills to make benefits for the company. Other candidates also have the abilities so you need to bring an additional skill. Do not say anything which make negative sense about another candidates just explain about your skills.

7. How much salary are you expecting?

As a fresher if you don’t have any idea you can ask the interviewer if they have any range for the post. Do not say anything that will harm you in salary negotiations later. If you have any idea about the salary you can say that.

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