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Careers Options To Pursue As An Organizer

Careers Options To Pursue As An Organizer

My mother is a housewife and she is great organiser whether its family people, things anything she can manage and taught me too how to organise. Organizing starts with your childhood, it is one aspect of life that you will see in yourself right from childhood.

There are several stages of life where you can determine whether you are a perfect organizer. There are different ways and things to organize. You can organize information, whether it’s numbers or details.

You can organize people by bringing them together for an event or overseeing a team.

Maybe you prefer to organize businesses, keeping track of important documents and dates. Or perhaps you just like organizing stuff: homes, stores or closets.

It’s a part of our daily routine but if you want to pursue a career as an organizer here are few options you can go with:


A manager’s position is the best and most appropriate one if organizing is your inborn quality. As a manager, you must monitor every major and minor aspect of your project and make sure that it comes out well and on the specified time. You will have to work proficiently to ensure that the project is finished within the budget.

A manager will do well if he/she masters the following skills – leadership qualities, management tactics, communication abilities, finance skills, critical thinking, project management and collaboration skills.


It goes without saying that recruiters have a lot of organizing to be done.

Handling the recruitment process of a company means a lot of things. You will have to organize the workforce, manage a pool of talents, manage resumes and take care of the hiring requirements of different departments in your company.

Right from sorting resumes to scheduling interviews to taking care of the joining formalities of appointed candidates, a recruiter’s job needs disciplined-organizing skills.

If you are good at building relationships, thinking and analysing big tasks and have good follow-up skills, you are a perfect fit for this position. You sales skills also come into play here.

Event Planner

The name says it all. Any planning requires organizing skills. Event Planners typically plan for happening events that people wish to take part in.

They are responsible for keeping a proper record of the guest lists, cost involved, schedules, accommodations and many other things.

Event planners must be perfectly organized to ensure that events happen on time and function well.

The ability to make quick decisions, the wiliness to help fellow people, the willingness to work in flexible timing, time management skills and communication skills can help you face challenges associated with event planning.

Travel Agent

More like event planning, the role of a travel agent requires perfect organizing skills. However, you must have the passion to travel and must love to explore the different places in the world.

There are several travellers around the world who love to make a planned trip including accommodations and itinerary arrangements. But not all travellers know how to do it, especially in places that are new to them. This is where you come into play.

You will be a successful travel agent if you know lot of facts about different places around the world. If you love to get along with new people, have good communication skills or understand different culture and language, then this position is just for you.


A merchandiser works in a store and he will arrange different items in an efficient way.

They arrange items in a way that should entice shoppers to buy them. Much of this includes straightening, putting up signage or putting items back in their correct spot. Plus, many merchandisers work for more than one store, so they must also organize their time. 

To be a successful merchandiser, it is important to arrange goods in a way that is most enticing for shoppers to buy them. A lot of merchandisers work in more than one store. Hence organizing plays a key role here.

Your business skills, sales tactics and marketing abilities can help you become a better merchandiser.

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