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How to Balance Multiple jobs

How to Balance Multiple jobs

Balancing two jobs and a long work week may make it hard to keep your home clean, cook your own meals, and take care of other responsibilities.

Ask for help from your family, friends and others. Ask them help with cooking, cleaning, child care or other necessary tasks.

Make sure that you thank them for helping and do little things to let them know how much you appreciate the help.

It’s hard to manage multiple jobs at a time, you should plan out for everyday, every week to manage your work in better way.


Here you can find few tips to balance multiple jobs at one time:

Stay local

Long commutes can make your shifts at work seem even longer and lead to burnout. Therefore, it is best to stay within an easy commute when possible.

Keep both of your jobs as local as possible to help keep your stress down. It helps reduce stress, frustration and maximizes the amount of time you are using.

Try to find second job nearby your place or same city.


Manage your time

Use a day planner to keep track of your schedule. Holding more than one job can lead to missed appointments and late arrivals to work if you do not keep track of where you need to be each day.

Keeping track of your daily schedule in a day planner can help you to remember where you need to be each day.

If you have an extra hectic schedule, try getting a day planner with 15-minute time slots to plan your day in smaller chunks. Discuss your situation with your boss or manager.

While you may be tempted to avoid telling your boss about your situation, you are better off letting them know what your schedule is like.

Your boss may even be willing to work with you when scheduling your hours.

It can be difficult to remember everything that you need to do when you work two different jobs in the same day.

To help you remember your tasks, try making a to-do list for each job at the beginning of your day.

As you complete items on your to-do lists, check them off so that you know what you have and have not completed.

Maintain your boundaries

If you have plans to do something fun with family or friends, don’t let work overtake your plans. Keep your social appointments as well as your professional ones.

Make sure that you set some boundaries about when your work day begins and ends, maintain your boundaries.

Make sure that you set some boundaries about when your work day begins and ends. Otherwise, you may end up working past your scheduled work hours, especially if you work from home for one of your jobs. Be strict on your schedule.


Dealing with stress

Working two or more jobs means that you are going to be very busy most days.

Get used to a busy schedule try to start seeing this busy pace as your norm and welcome a bit of craziness into your life. Do your best to maintain a positive.

When working two or more jobs, it can be easy to forget to take time for yourself.

Try to take a day for yourself each week.  It is important to make sure that you have time to reconnect with friends and family, relax, and rest.

If possible, set day each week where you do not work any of your jobs.

Plan a fun day with your family or friends to make your mind fresh.
Stay connected to your family and friends. Working two or more jobs may cause you to feel disconnected from the people you care about.

At that time, it is important to find ways to stay connected even when you can’t see people.

Try meeting a friend for lunch or a quick drink after work. Call or text your friends often and use social media to update people on your whereabouts and accomplishments.

Sleep Properly

Working more than two jobs can lead to exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

If you are going right from one job to the next or if you are working late nights at one of your jobs, you may have an even higher risk of becoming sleep deprived or suffering from exhaustion.

Take a break in between shifts. Going straight from one job to the next can be depressing

Go to bed early if you have a long day ahead of you and take naps whenever possible. Even a 20-minute nap before heading to your second job may help you to feel more alert and refreshed.


Getting the Most Out of Your Second Job

Choose a second job that you will enjoy and benefit from. There are lots of ways that you can work two jobs, but the ideal second job is something that you enjoy and will benefit from in the long run.

Try to find a second job that allows you to indulge in one of your hobbies or that provides you with new skills that will make you more marketable in the future.

Focus on one job at a time. It can be difficult to manage two or more jobs, which may cause some people to try to do work for one job while they are on the clock for another job.

However, this is a bad idea. Not only may doing work for one job while you are on the clock for another job get you into trouble, it will reduce your effectiveness.

Stay focused on one job at a time to do the best work that you can at all your jobs.

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