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How To Ask For Feedback After Interview

Feedback Letter

It’s hard sometime to ask for the feedback after the rejection. But if interview gone well but job went to some another candidate than you can contact to learn about yourself more, at which point you was weak? May be you get some helpful tips to increase your skill for future. Rejection does not mean you are not able for that position, may be another candidates have some additional skills or they are good to explain their strength well, you need to work on that so feedback really matter to improve the skills more. If you’d gone through a telephonic interview than employer had only spend few minutes with you, may be at that point feedback wouldn’t be as useful, but if you gone through face to face interview than may be employer can give some feedback about you, which can help you to make another interviews successful. In cover letter you need to mention your detail, Employer detail, interview detail & company detail. After that you can say thanks for the opportunity they provide to you and ask for the feedback. You can also add some more lines about interviewer & company if you want to add. Signed the letter and send it.

Below I am giving an example to write a letter for the feedback

Your Name
Your address
Phone Number
Email ID

Interviewer’s Name
Company Name
Company Address
Telephone Number
Email ID

Dear [Interviewer’s name]
Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me for the position of [name of position] on the [date of interview].
Although I was unsuccessful in my application, I still found it a valuable learning experience. I would welcome any feedback you could give me about my job application and interview I would like to improve my application and interview skills, so I would be most grateful if you could let me have some feedback on my performance. I am always looking to improve and any feedback or advice you may have would be very useful for me in the future.

I can be contacted any time via phone, email or post. I really appreciate you taking the time to consider me for the position and if any other vacancy were to become available, I would like to have the opportunity to apply.

Thanks again for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Your Sincerely

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