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Youth improving solar entrepreneurship in India

Youth improving solar entrepreneurship in India

The need for renewable energy has been on a rise these days. Especially, in a country like India where huge population and demand for energy, makes the requirement for alternative energy high. In order to meet the demands of current generation, Lakshey Sehgal from Delhi wants to create solar entrepreneurship in the country by providing them the required tools.

Lakshey finished his Master’s degree in renewable energy technology. He observed the need for trained people on solar products as there were lack of trained people during his work in various companies in the similar field. Even proper awareness was not found in people on utilizing the technology. Several people including business entities are interested to use solar energy but they are doing it in the wrong way.

He also noted that there is a gap between rural and urban areas in using the solar products due to several technical aspects. Even though the government is encouraging citizens to use solar energy and offering grants for the free training of technicians, many organizations are established in big cities and ignored their focus on rural India.

He wants to help people in this field by providing proper training. His focus is on small-scale entrepreneurs and tier-two and tier-three cities to fill the existing gap in this field. Then he founded Spektron Solar Private Limited. The company offers training programmes to small-scale solar entrepreneurs who want to start business in solar system installations. During the training programmes they are provided the essential tools for successful running operation of their business and given training on technical issues and other aspects including laws and policies, pricing etc.

The entrepreneurs can get in touch with the company for their future technical needs. The company aims to establish an online platform to ease this. Thus, Spektron Solar Private Limited is providing training sessions to aspiring startups in solar system installations and generating solar entrepreneurs in the country.

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