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Youngest biker girl to cross Khardung-La

Youngest biker girl to cross Khardung-La

The Khardung-La Pass is one of the most dangerous roads in India, and even one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Running through the towering Himalaya Mountains, the road lies at a staggering elevation of 17,582 feet.

It runs through the Ladakh range on the north of Leh. The road opened to public motor vehicles in 1988.

Since then, many car, bike, and cycling expeditions have been seen on the Khardung-La.

Due to the freezing cold temperatures and barely-motorable roads, the Khardung-La is an extremely difficult path for people to traverse.

Even though it has breathtaking views, the smallest of mistakes can send people falling thousands of feet to their deaths.

These numerous dangers make it such a daring accomplishment for people to successfully traverse the Khardung-La.

20-year-old Riya Yadav has recently become the youngest female biker in the world to have done just that.

Riya is a student at Indraprastha College under Delhi University. She was accompanied by three friends on her journey.

They started their journey on June 17th, 2017, when Riya was 19 years old. They returned on July 1st, 2017.

Riya’s motorbike was a gift from her father. She had only been riding for a few months before undertaking this dangerous expedition.

Originally, her parents expected Riya to use her motorbike for travelling short distances, but she decided to drive it on the long path to Ladakh.

Riya said that the ride to Leh came with a fair share of challenges, such as landslides, water crossings, and snow.

Youngest biker girl to cross Khardung-La

Youngest biker girl to cross Khardung-La

She also found the altitude conditions difficult while riding, since people can be easily prone to altitude sickness at such high elevations.

Although the expedition wasn’t easy, the trip taught Riya to remain calm during tense situations.

Therefore, Riya was able to pull through the journey and complete her ride on the Khardung-La.

She is eager to go on more adventures with her motorcycle, and she plans to participate in the Raid De Himalaya next year.

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