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The toughest treks of the Himalayas

The toughest treks of the Himalayas

To all the adventure lovers out there, this article will be helpful in finding new places to explore and feed your adrenaline rush. The Himalayas are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. They are spread across five states of the country. Many adventure seekers’ desire has been sated by these mountains.

Here are the toughest treks of the Himalayas to test your endurance.

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek (Frozen River Trek) usually covers the route from Chilling to scenic Zanskar Valley. The temperature near the Zansak River can down to -30 degrees. The trekking over the frozen river offers a unique opportunity for thrill seekers.

Kalindi Khal Trek

Also known as the Big Daddy of treks, it has an uneven route from Bhagirathi Valley to Alakananda Valley.

Auden’s Col Trek

A trek through the Auden’s Col peaks which stand at the elevation of 5450 meters is definitely one of the most adventurous thing you can do. You need to be an expert at trekking to do this trek.

Trans-Zanskar Trek

This trek is through the breathtaking views of Ladakh. It is a very beautiful journey and is strictly prohibited from novices.

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