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Young Boy Helping Cancer Patients

Young Boy Helping Cancer Patients

There is no limit to the good one can do if one has the will to do it. Age is never a limit!

These two phrases are proved by Pravin Shingare, a young boy living in Mumbai.

He is showing everyone that even the smallest deeds of good can bring a lot of joy to this world.

Pravin might be young in age, but he is experienced in life. He worked closely with many children fighting cancer. He wants to make sure that they get some happiness in life.

He is encouraging other young boys and girls across India to become Santa Claus for someone in need this December. So far, he even raised over ₹7 lakh for this cause.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

Pravin thought of this cause when he was taken by his mother to a hospital for cancer patients during Diwali. After that, he often visited Dr. Ernest Borges Memorial Home and spent a lot of time there.

There he helped a young cricket fan to watch an IPL game live with VIP tickets.

Ever since then, he dedicated himself to this cause. He has been raising money for underprivileged children suffering with cancer through the Nargis Dutt foundation.

Now with Christmas coming up, he thought it would be a good time to bring a “Santa Claus” in to someone’s life.

He wants to encourage other people his age too. He says that those with privilege won’t think twice to buy a luxurious item like an expensive gadget.

Young Boy Helping Cancer Patients

Nargis Dutt Foundation

He says that it’s not bad to do so but buying one less videogame and helping others with that small amount of charity can make a difference in someone’s life.

It might even save a life, he adds.

He asks the youth to think about the privileges they have compared to underprivileged kids and wants others to join him in his cause.

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