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World’s youngest astrologer predicted coronavirus?

World’s youngest astrologer predicted coronavirus?

Have you ever heard about Abighya Anand? This 14-year-old child from Bangalore is the youngest astrologer in the world.

He has completed Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology and teaches astrology and other subjects to students.

This young boy won many awards in astrology. He has a YouTube channel, Conscience on which he makes predictions about the world.

In August, he predicted that the world would enter into a tough phase in November 2019, which would continue until April 2020.

Now his video has been doing rounds on social media saying that he predicted about coronavirus. In his video, he said that wars were very likely to happen. Although there have been no major wars, some people stretched its meaning by interpreting that there is a warlike condition in the world now. They are saying that it is a war between the virus and humanity.

In his latest video, he predicted that the effect of coronavirus would be severe during March 29th and April 2nd. As per Abhigya, this is the toughest period in the coronavirus pandemic.

He says that the reason is that Mars would conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter, and the Moon and Rahu would also conjunct.

He warns to observe social distancing during this time. He predicted that coastal areas will be affected severely due to coronavirus pandemic.

He says that these are the reflections of Global Karma and hence, one should not take them lightly.

As per his astrological prediction, the effects of coronavirus will subside from May 29 due to the favourable planetary movements. He did not mention what subsiding means and once again it is open for interpretation.

He predicted the downfall of the global economy which according to him will bounce back in November 2021.

However, many are condemning his video is nowhere connected to coronavirus, but it is the opinion of astrology believers who are interpreting his words according to the present situation.

Image Reference: Keralakaumudi

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