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Woman who helped visually impaired rewarded with home

Woman who helped visually impaired rewarded with home

Earlier in this month, a woman helped an elderly visually impaired man board a bus. The video went viral on social media and her act was appreciated by netizens.

Her name is Supriya. She lives in Kerala. She works as a saleswoman with the Alukkas group. She has been working in Thiruvalla branch for three years.

The viral video reached the chairman of the company. He wanted to meet her and appreciate her act of kindness.

Supriya lives in a rented house with her family. The chairman met her and asked her to visit the head office in Thrissur.

Among the cheers of hundreds of workers, he announced gifting a new house to her as a token of appreciation.

Supriya was astonished to see this and said that she never thought she would receive this much appreciation and love for her spontaneous act.

When Supriya saw an elderly visually impaired man, she asked where he needed to go. She thought that her husband could drop him on his bike at the bus stand. Meanwhile, a bus came but stopped a bit ahead.

Then, Supriya ran to the bus and told the conductor about the elderly man. She requested to stop the bus for the man for a while.

She ran to the man and brought him to the bus by holding his hand. She helped him board the bus and returned. All this was captured by a man on his mobile phone and uploaded on social media.

The video immediately went viral and netizens applauded her for her kind act. Several celebrities also praised her. Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh is one among them who said that all should aim to be like her in helping.

Supriya’s noble action without expecting any return was appreciated by many people. She was rewarded with a new home as well.

Image Credit: News18 Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/kerala-woman-who-helped-blind-man-board-a-bus-now-owns-a-home-thanks-to-her-act-of-kindness-2720387.html

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