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Woman starts Besan Ki Barfi in her 90s

Woman starts Besan Ki Barfi in her 90s

It has been proved that age is not a criterion for achieving goals in many instances. Here is another instance where a 94-year-old from Chandigarh started her venture, Besan Ki Barfi.

This woman, Harbhajan Kaur grabbed the attention of netizens with her barfi.

Her journey as an entrepreneur is interesting. When her daughter Raveena Suri asked her if she had any regrets in her life, she replied that her only regret was that she never earned any money on her own. And she expressed her desire to earn money.

Taking her words seriously, Raveena sought ways for her mother to earn on her own. She recalled how her mother was cooking various recipes and made the entire family her fans with yummy treats.

She then decided to start a food venture. Harbhajan was good at cooking different varieties, but, besan ki barfi is her specialty.

In addition to barfi, she makes pickles and chutneys and sells them at her shop.

That’s how Besan Ki Barfi startup came to life. Harbhajan opened a shop at a local organic market and sold her barfi. She came home with ₹2,000 as her first earnings.

This was a great achievement for her as she rarely stepped out due to restrictions of her family and home.

She makes various pickles and barfis and takes them to the organic market every ten days.

She is enjoying the work without caring about her age. She receives many orders. Her granddaughter helped her with branding and packaging.

So far, she sold more than 500 kg of barfi. The price of 1kg barfi is ₹850.

The tagline of her brand is Bachpan Yaad aajayegi – You will remember childhood.

She works very hard and never feels overworked or tired. She made 200 kgs of barfi for her granddaughter’s wedding.

Harbhajan who tirelessly worked for her family behind the scenes without any recognition is very happy now.

So far, the family members are looking after the business. However, they want to employ more people to meet increasing orders and enquiries they are receiving over the phone.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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