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Woman rides 1400 km on Scooty to bring back son

Woman rides 1400 km on Scooty to bring back son

As the lockdown continues in the country, people stuck in other areas far from their homes are in a lot of trouble.

The family members are left to worry about them and try to bring them back if possible.

Here is an instance of a mother who drove1400 km on a two-wheeler to bring her son back home.

Mohammed Nizamuddin, an intermediate student went to Rehmatabad in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh along with his friend after his annual exams.

Nizamuddin lives in Bodhan, Nizamabad with his mother. His father passed away 14 years ago.

He was stuck there for more than two weeks due to lack of transport after the announcement of the lockdown.

Then his mother Razia Begum wanted to bring back her son to home. She is working as headmistress at Bodhan Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency School.

This 48-year-old woman approached Assistant Commissioner of Police twice to seek advice on how to bring back her son.

She waited until April 5 on the suggestion of the police. But, later, in the prospect of lockdown getting extended, she requested the police and sought their permission to bring him back.

She thought to hire a car for that. Nellore is one of the areas with a higher number of coronavirus cases reported. Hence, no one was interested.

Razia thought of travelling in a car, but due to restrictions, she had a doubt whether the police would allow her on the highways.

Hence, she decided to travel on her scooty alone. She thought it would be easier to convince the police if they stop her during her journey.

She informed her son that she was coming to pick him up only after travelling 200 km.

Razia has been driving two-wheeler for more than 25 years. She has good experience in distant travelling. She used to take her husband as a pillion for his dialysis by travelling more than 200 km.

She reached Telangana-Andhra border by evening where the police stopped her. They were surprised by her story. Yet, they asked her to stop her journey as there is no one on highways in the nights. But, she convinced them and moved forward. At 2:00 a.m. she was again stopped by the police on the outskirts of Nellore.

They suggested her not to travel at that time as the road is dangerous and told her to wait for some time. She waited there till 4:00 a.m. She continued her journey and reached Nellore at 7:30 a.m.

She drove almost 23-24 hours. The duo started their journey in the afternoon and reached their home the next day evening.

Razia felt very happy for bringing him back. She says that she was fortunate that her two-wheeler did not trouble her.

Image Reference: Indianexpress

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