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Woman e-rickshaw driver ferries COVID-19 patients

Woman e-rickshaw driver ferries COVID-19 patients

The lockdown restrictions caused transportation problems, especially when going to hospitals. Many ambulance drivers exploited the need of patients and charged huge amounts from the patients.

People who tested COVID-19 positive were in a lot of trouble. This is due to the rejection of vehicle drivers to ferry them or demanding huge money for it.

Only a few people are helping COVID-19 patients and their family members. 49-year-old Munmun Sarkar is one among them.

She lives in Siliguri. She wanted to help COVID-19 patients. Sarkar, the first woman e-rickshaw driver from Siliguri, has been helping COVID positive patients. Her e-rickshaw turned into an ambulance as she is ferrying COVID patients to and from hospitals free of cost. She serves the people in need 24 hours.

Besides, she provides sanitization services to homes of COVID-19 patients, religious places, police stations, and crematoriums.

This is due to the need for sanitization to contain the spread of COVID-19. Someone gifted her a sanitising machine for her selfless service, which makes her work easier.

Sarkar ferried nearly 5,000 patients so far. She also offers free rides to people who want to get vaccinated and those undergoing RT-PCR test.

Several people are appreciating her services as she helps fellow citizens without any second thought.

They say that the world needs people like her in this pandemic situation. Several people are scared of COVID-19 and do not help others with that. But, this woman offers help to COVID-19 patients without any hesitation. That’s why many people lauded her efforts saying that her services are remarkable. They say that others should learn from her.

However, Sarkar does not feel great about it. She wants to help others and her work to be remembered even after her death. That’s why she chose a different path.

Image by Suhasini from Pixahive (Free for commercial use / CC0 Public Domain)

Image Reference: https://pixahive.com/photo/vegetable-seller/

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