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Two Indians win Google Science Fair 2014 Awards

Two Indians win Google Science Fair 2014 Awards

Two Indians are in the list of winners of Google Science Fair 2014 awards. Arsh Dilbagi and Mihir Garimella won these awards. These awards have been open to students ranging from 13 to 18 years of age all over the world since 2011. This competition is sponsored by Google, Lego, National Geographic, Virgin Galactic and Scientific American.

Mihir won the award of under 13 category for developing flying robots which are widely used for a variety of tasks. The award for this age category includes $25,000 scholarships and other perks. They can also have experience at LEGO Education, National Geographic or Google.

Arsh won the Voter’s Choice Award for his project ‘Talk: An Innovative AAC Device For People With Developmental Disabilities’. The invention of Arsh is intended to help people that suffer from LIS syndrome which accounts for 1.4% world population. The patients of this disease cannot move due to complete paralysis. They cannot even communicate verbally as all voluntary muscles in the body except those in the eyes are paralyzed.

The grand prize includes a $50,000 scholarship along with a trip of 10 days in the Galapagos Islands from National Geographic Expeditions, and Lego’s prize pack. The grand prize winner can also have experiences at LEGO, Google and NatGeo. The winner’s school will receive $10,000 for lab equipment. They also get access to Scientific American for one year.

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