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These mothers donate breast milk to babies in need

These mothers donate breast milk to babies in need

Love of a mother for her baby is priceless. Often mothers may seem selfish in the matter of their children; however, many women have proved to be selfless in helping babies of other women.

Here are certain instances of women who have donated their breast milk to babies in need:

Sierra Strangfeld’s unborn child was diagnosed with trisomy 18, rare genetic disease and a life-threatening condition. Even though doctors suggested her for termination of pregnancy, she decided to give birth to him.

Her child, Samuel lived for only three hours. Sierra could not control his life or death. However, she decided to donate her breast milk to babies in need.

She pumped her breast milk for 63 days since the birth of Samuel. She donated 500 ounces of breast milk to the Mother’s Milk Bank in the Western Great Lakes. Though the death of her son ended up as a tragedy, she was delighted at the smiles of the babies who used the milk.

Rushina Doctor Marfatia, from Ahmedabad, wanted to donate breast milk to premature babies when she realised that she was producing more milk than her boy could feed on.

She donated her milk to babies in ICU. Some of the mothers of these babies were sick while others could not provide their milk to their babies.

These babies weigh between 600 gm and 1.5 kg and are more prone to infections. The breast milk of Rushina helped them prevent the higher risk of infections that can come from bottle feeding.

Baby Shree Karan in Tamil Nadu saw a post on Facebook requesting for a donation of breast milk for a sick premature baby. She donated 20 ml of milk.

Later she came to know that the baby was fine. After that, she started breast milk donation camps along with her friend. These camps collect breast milk every Sunday at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Institute of Child Health (ICH) in Egmore.

Image Reference: Indiatimes

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