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And that’s why, she is called Hima Bindu

And that’s why, she is called Hima Bindu

Doctors are equal to God. But, how many of you agree to that statement in these days? Because most of the doctors became commercial and they forgot humanity.

But, occasionally we hear about some cases of doctors whose humanity is more than divinity. Here is an example of one such great doctor.

She is a young doctor of not more than 30 years. But with her humanity, she becomes a role model to even senior most doctors.

Her name is Hima Bindu. She is working as a drawing officer in Pulivendula primary health centre (PHC), Andhra Pradesh. She visits her parents each week in Nandaluru and returns to her office every Monday in an available train.

This time she took the Jayanthi Janatha Express and boarded in physically challenged bogie. She found a poor woman named Adilakshmi suffering with labour pains there, and her entire family is crying beside her.

She asked the family to stop crying and assured them she can save her. Adilakshmi is eight-month old pregnant. Her family is taking her to RIMS to admit her after she reported severe labour pains.

Dr. Hima Bindu found that the condition of Adilakshmi was critical as amniotic fluid is expelling out and the baby is ready to come out from the womb of mother. But, she did not lose her courage. She observed that the train is nearby Ontimitta station but the train does not have a stop there. Yet, she called to 108 for a local ambulance and asked someone to pull the chain.

As soon as the trains stopped, the guard entered in the coach. Even though he observed the risky situation there, he did not agree to stop the train in the station. But after being convinced by the doctor, the guard agreed to stop the train.

But, who will take the pregnant lady to outside of the platform? Dr.Hima Bindu yelled for help. A former army officer came forward and took her out from the platform to the ambulance stretcher.

And that’s why, she is called Hima Bindu

And that’s why, she is called Hima Bindu


Since the doctor found no time to take the pregnant lady to the hospital, she helped Adilakshmit to deliver the baby in ambulance itself.

Within minutes, a tender baby girl was delivered by her mother. Then the ambulance reached Ontimitta PHC where the mother and child were admitted.

Dr. Hima Bindu gave instructions to the staff there and observed the condition for an hour.

When she felt that there is no problem for the newly born and her mother, she left the place. And that’s why; the newly born baby girl’s name is Hima Bindu.


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    Great Humanist and Real God. Nice Doctor

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