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Thane Society grows organic vegetable on terrace garden

Thane Society grows organic vegetable on terrace garden

Necessity is the mother of invention. There are many instances where the quotation has proved to be true. This Thane Society proved it once again.

When the worst floods hit Mumbai, residents of Vijay Garden Society in Thane did not do anything till the wall of their society collapsed and the parking area was flooded.

But, when the severe and continuous floods damaged their building, they did not wait for the help of authorities to clean their area.

Reny Varghese, one of the residents took the lead. He collected the leftover mud and transferred it into empty paint buckets. He filled around 150 buckets with mud and carried them to terrace. He wanted to grow vegetables in these buckets.

The society building had renovated earlier; hence many paint buckets kept on the terrace.

The buckets were kept useless, but the residents used them wisely.

The society people sowed organic seeds of different vegetables like tomatoes, okra, brinjal, and leafy vegetables like spinach and used their own compost made from dry cow dung, soil and organic pellets.

Initially, four residents started it, but others also joined it later. With their collective effort, they are growing organic vegetables on the terrace in 150 buckets.

These vegetables include broccoli, cluster beans, turmeric, drumsticks, muskmelon, tulsi, potato, beetroot, cauliflower, chillies, neem, etc. They collect at least one vegetable every four days.

They divided works like sowing, watering, composting etc. among them so that everyone will involve with the gardening.

Each resident will spend at least an hour daily for watering the plants and their maintenance.

Since they are growing organic vegetables, they appear beautiful to eyes and delicious to taste.

Thus, their collective efforts yield them healthy and nutritious vegetables.

You have to pay more price for organic food items like vegetables and fruits. But, they are reaping fresh and quality organic vegetables without spending a penny.

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